Cullaborate solves commercial conflicts, customer complaints, and corporate problems and we get to the root cause (not just the surface issues). We bring about lasting culture change through mediation, coaching, training and facilitation.

We manage the difficult conversations and negotiations, working together to create positive outcomes.
We facilitate and train in person, online or over the phone.


Mediation assists people in conflict to reach a mutually agreeable way forward. The mediator does not provide advice but supports the participants to make their own decisions. Our mediators are all accredited pursuant to the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS).


External facilitation can make all the difference for the success of a project, team day, board meeting, forum or conference. We work with organisations to plan for, support, coordinate and deliver outstanding results. Facilitation can be helpful when an organisation is undergoing change.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the defining practice that allows Cullaborate to lead the way in workplace conflict resolution and commercial problem solving. We ensure that all our activities get to the root cause and create a culture of lasting change.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching assists individuals to achieve performance expectations and personal empowerment through skills development. We work with individuals, managers and leadership teams to develop higher levels of competence and confidence.

Facilitated Discussion

A facilitated discussion helps individuals in a team or group to communicate constructively regarding issues and/or concerns. The facilitator supports the participants to make decisions that are right for them. The facilitator may be required to report to the organisation regarding the outcomes.


We provide training in customer complaints handling, negotiation skills, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), call centre communication skills, and executive & manager competency in conflict resolution. Nicole Cullen is also available for speaking assignments at conferences or forums on these topics.

Mediator Coaching & Facilities

As one of Australia’s leading providers and trainers in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) we offer professional development and training in our proprietary Root Cause Resolution (RCR) process. We coach mediators to achieve and maintain mediation accreditation and offer a well appointed mediation venue in Melbourne.

Customer Complaints Handling

We offer complaints system design, audit against complaints handling standards, and support your customer service and social media teams to handle complaints. We are also passionate about preventing complaints through applying our Root Cause Analysis (RCA) processes and empower your teams through improved competencies.

Workplace Investigation

We independently investigate allegations of inappropriate conduct such as bullying, harassment, or discrimination and breaches of codes of conduct. We apply principles of natural justice and provide well articulated reasons for our decisions. We appreciate the sensitivity of these matters and work with complete discretion.

Before taking on any assignment we provide triage support to determine the best line of approach for your situation. Contact us to chat with one of our accredited professionals.